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Example "Graphic Quotes" Projects

Business Card Design

Business Card Design Modern-Minimalist

Winning Business Card Designer: ahtdesigns

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Postcard Design

Insurance Postcard Design

Winning Postcard Designer: rkailas

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Vector Design

House Martell College Logo

Winning Vector Designer: Coliseum Graphics

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Web Design

Small Business Directory Site Requires a Profes...

Winning Web Designer: OM

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Logo Design

re-generate: innovative environmental start-up ...

Winning Logo Designer: milicka

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Stationery Design

This project has been marked at private by the ...

Winning Stationery Designer: kousik

Hire designer

Logo Design

World's Most Effective Personal Coach seeks a W...

Winning Logo Designer: J. Brandt Studio

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Flyer Design

Wolverine Recruitment Flyer "Your Career Starts...

Winning Flyer Designer: Oilegak

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Graphic Design

Retail Photo Calendar of Anchorage, Alaska

Winning Graphic Designer: Tlacaelel

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Logo Design

This project has been marked at private by the ...

Winning Logo Designer: Crazy Art

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The speed and efficiency in receiving my designs was very impressive.

Sophisticated process that worked extremely well for our purpose.

DesignCrowd is like having your very own creative department.

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