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262 'merchandise design' design jobs and contests

StatusProject TitleTime LeftDesign TypeSubmissionsPayments
Open (featured) 2014 MSL Champs
3 days left Print Design 5 $300
Open (featured) HYDRALAST sports drink
1 day left Logo Design 143 €300
Open (featured) Alternative Country Rock Band Needs Website Design
2 days left Web Design 28 $500
Deciding (featured) European bicycle boutique-type store, upscale
View 46 Business Card Designs
Closing.. Business Card Design 46 $90
Deciding (featured) Dankrupt
View 244 Logo Designs
4 days left Logo Design 244 $400
Deciding (featured) Centro Bek logo - new center for family support and assistance
View 57 Logo Designs
Closing.. Logo Design 57 $200
Deciding (featured) Design Landing Page and User Interface for Online Second Hand Merchandice Store in Web 2.0 type pa
View 21 Web Designs
Closing.. Web Design 21 $690
Deciding (featured) Real estate agency need branding and logo design
View 147 Logo Designs
Closing.. Logo Design 147 A$400
Deciding (featured) Art Museum needs edgy T-shirt design for bike exhibition
View 20 T-shirt Designs
Closing.. T-shirt Design 20 $220
Deciding Alana's Market
View 40 Logo Designs
Closing.. Logo Design 40 $200
Deciding corporate logo
View 75 Logo Designs
Closing.. Logo Design 75 C$400
Deciding Youtube Celebrity Merchandise Store needs a logo design!
View 45 Logo Designs
Closing.. Logo Design 45 A$200
Deciding Utopia Spa & Body Retreat
View 72 Logo Designs
Closing.. Logo Design 72 A$200
Deciding Telstra Triathlon Series Merchandise T shirt design
View 22 T-shirt Designs
Closing.. T-shirt Design 22 A$220
Deciding Animal Planet's Capt. Chuck Big Country from "Swamp Wars" needs Help!
View 7 Logo Designs
Closing.. Logo Design 7 $200
Deciding "Max's gym" needs a gym logo
View 48 Logo Designs
Closing.. Logo Design 48 $200
Deciding (private) Private art design project
View 14 Art Designs
Closing.. Art Design 14 A$200
Deciding Baby Boutique Logo Design
View 121 Logo Designs
Closing.. Logo Design 121 $200
Closed (featured) "High Tide" Beach House Logo/Signage
View 36 Signage Designs
Closed Signage Design 36 $160
Closed (featured) My Kitchen Prescription
View 55 Wordpress Designs
Closed Wordpress Design 55 $1000
Closed (featured) New bicycle shop needs a logo and graphical identity.
View 74 Logo Designs
Closed Logo Design 74 €300
Closed (featured) Lake Huron Resort & Marina Logo Design
View 90 Logo Designs
Closed Logo Design 90 $200
Closed (featured) African homeware retailer requires a logo
View 90 Logo Designs
Closed Logo Design 90 $250
Closed (featured) Business Card Design
View 155 Business Card Designs
Closed Business Card Design 155 $90
Closed (featured) "Rapabilly" T-shirt design for Hip Hop artist's Merchandise
View 10 T-shirt Designs
Closed T-shirt Design 10 $140

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How long does it take?

"You can choose a 3, 5 or 10 day deadline. You can expect to receive the first designs within 24 hours of creating your project and will continue to receive designs right up to the deadline date."

How is this different from buying a template design?

"Buying from DesignCrowd gives you a custom design and unique identity created by a professional designer. Unlike buying a template, you will receive unique artwork based on your specific needs and preferences."

What happens if I don't like any of the designs I receive?

"If you haven't found what you're looking for, contact us and we can reach out to more designers on your behalf. If you're still not satisfied with the designs you receive, DesignCrowd offers a money back guarantee! Simply request a refund within 60 days of your project."

What happens once I select the winning design?

"Once you choose the winning design on your contest, you receive full copyright of the design files as well as professional design files (to allow you to print or alter in the future)."

How many different designs will I get to choose from?

"You can expect to receive over 50 designs from multiple designers. The more active you are in providing feedback, the more designs you're likely to receive."

Can I get revisions to the designs I receive?

"Absolutely. Our designers will refine their work in response to your feedback. In fact, the more feedback you can provide about what you're looking for, the better!"